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Aging is a dynamic and continual process. Heredity, environmental factors (sun, wind) and movement of the facial muscles could be the determining factors.

The face is the focal point of human beauty. Youthful appearance comes from the presence fat in the face. From childhood to adult hood, the presence or absence of fat characterises the shape of the face.

The shape of the face of a young women could be likened to that of an ‘upside -down’ triangle. As they grow older the shape becomes  ‘trapezoid’.

Aging does effect the facial bones (bone resorption), fat, muscles (thinning) and the over lying skin texture changes, then the fullness of the face would begin to show areas of flattening, concavities, wrinkles and increased pigmentation which gives the face an ‘aged look’.

Aesthetic medicine had come a long way. By utilising various tools – to name few: botulinum toxin injections, hyaluronic acid fillers, poly-lactic acid injections (SCULPTRA), calcium hydroxyl-apatite injections (Radiesse), Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, dermal needling, chemical peels, laser surfacing and others – it is now possible to correct the signs of aging in a harmonious way.

Do you know the effects of ultra-violet rays on the skin? (DERMATOHELIOSIS)

Ultra-violet B rays  are most damaging to the skin – in addition, both visible light and infrared radiation would increase the effect of Ultra-violet B rays on the skin. This results in a rough, dry, wrinkled, creased, folds on the skin. These rays could increase pigmentation, thread vein formation – giving the face an aged appearance.

What are …..

CREAMS:  they are water-based products and gives a cooling and moisturising effect on the skin. Unfortunately the preservatives which may be present (to prevent bacterial or fungal growth) could cause allergic reaction on the skin.

OINTMENTS: they are oil based and do not have water. They form a layer on top of the skin and prevents loss of water from the skin.

LOTIONS: they are watery suspensions. They can be applied on a hairy body and on large areas of the body. They could have drying and cooling effect.

GELS: they are watery suspensions containing medications like steroids, retinoids etc.

EMMOLLIENTS: they help in itchy and dry skin conditions – these could be either creams, ointments or sprays.