Spider veins, thread veins are terms used to describe small, unsightly, superficial veins found in groups, clusters on the legs. They are a frequent cause for concern among women.

These veins are found about in 50% adults.

Most women are concerned with the cosmetic appearance and at times they could cause itching, burning, aching, and cramps

Microscelotharpy is a safe and effective treatment for thread veins and spider veins


The therapy involves injecting solution (sclerosant) with a very fine thin needle into the vein, the solution being an irritant causes inflammation, thereby closing the vein or destroying the vein.

After the procedure:


To achieve good results the thread veins needs to be compressed with a special bandage for about 10-14 days.


Like any other medical procedures, the results may not be as expected but in our clinic we will give client a good chance of getting good results. Some clients may need multiple sessions – which depends on the severity of the problem. Doctor will advise you during the initial assessment.