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    Uses for dermal fillers in Hertfordshire

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    Three top uses for dermal fillers in Hertfordshire 

    For patients looking to undergo non-surgical anti-ageing treatments it can be confusing choosing which are right for you, but often dermal fillers in Hertfordshire can provide numerous solutions to various ageing concerns.

    Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic’s cosmetic doctor Dr. Prem Kumar has put together three top uses for dermal fillers in Herefordshire, and how they can help to improve your confidence as well as your appearance.

    1. Anti wrinkle treatment

    One of the most popular reasons to choose dermal fillers in Hertfordshire is as a non-surgical anti wrinkle treatment. Having been used for some time now to improve the appearance of the face by reducing lines such as crows feet, anti wrinkle treatments using dermal fillers are popular with both male and female patients.

    Muscle relaxing injection treatment is often combined with dermal fillers in Hertfordshire for a two-handed approach to looking more youthful. A tailored approach is required when combining muscle relaxing injections and dermal filler treatment, and Dr Kumar would be delighted to discuss the benefits of combination treatment during a consultation at Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic.

    1. Non surgical lip augmentation

    As well as being used to filling lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, dermal fillers in Hertfordshire can be used as part of a non-surgical lip augmentation. More and more popular with clients across the UK each year, and non-surgical lip augmentation is widely considered one of the most sought-after forms of cosmetic treatment in the country.

    A lip augmentation using injectable fillers at Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic is designed to either improve volume to the lip area or reduce the appearance of fine lines above the lip. In some cases, the aim will be to do both and give the client a more overall rejuvenated result.

    1. Cheek volumising

    Of course, dermal fillers at Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic in Hertfordshire can smooth lines and improve the appearance of the lips, as Dr Kumar has explained above, but did you know that these non surgical injections can also be used to improve the volume of areas such as cheeks?

    Often sought by women who may feel like the ageing process has depleted the natural volume of the mid-section of the face, non surgical cheek augmentation and volumising using dermal fillers in Hertfordshire can provide a rejuvenating result and requires no surgery or downtime.

    Undergoing injectable anti-ageing treatments at Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic

    For more information about dermal fillers Hertfordshire please contact a member of the Stort Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic reception team who will be more than happy to discuss which dermal filler treatment options are available to you as well as which brand and type of dermal filler product Dr. Kumar uses.

    Types of filler may depend on the area for treatment, and a full consultation is required in order to progress with this form of non-surgical anti-ageing, and treatment of this kind is available to clients from across the region including Roydon, Harlow, Epping, Sawbridgeworth, Bishops Stortford, Waltham Abbey, Hastingwood, Stanstead, and Ware.